Flavia Tumusiime’s 30-day story comes to an end

Yesterday radio and television personality ended her 30 days of her story. The Capital FM presenter as well as NTV Uganda news anchor has been giving the story of her life for the last 30 days on her Facebook page. Below is her story on day 30.

Flavia has been telling her life story for the last 30 days

Flavia has been telling her life story for the last 30 days

30: The journey

Flavia Tumusiime: I can almost recall in detail, the morning i wrote the first post of #30daysofflavia. I had woken up with so much determination nothing could hold me back. See, the reason for it started last year December, i had just had a tremendous year, my work life was great, family healthy, personal life good and friendships growing. Then i entered 2015 with a plan…i have always shared how am such a planner. I had it all figured out but you know God always laughs at our plans.  [adrotate banner=”3″]

I went through a tough start of the year, a complicated personal life and a health scare. I thought nothing could get worse from here. And after all the frustration and complaining, i prayed as much as i could and still no answer. I was thriving in my work space but because in my mind i wanted so much more in every aspect of my life, i didn’t stop to appreciate what i had now. So i decided to practice what i always tell people. .”Count your blessings.” It’s true we always say that but not practice it. I decided to share pieces of my experiences that at least one person out there would know they are not alone and that no matter the situation…it shall pass. I have been overwhelmed with the love and stories of appreciation and inspiration shared in my inbox. God bless each of you for changing my life in some way too, what started as me inspiring others to have a reason to try and be their best turned out to be people helping me as well and we have lifted each other’s spirits throughout each day. My last word of advice is..The bigger the burden/challenge, the bigger the blessing so hold on. #30daysofflavia

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