Flavia tells off haters “I have honey between my legs”

Flavia tells off haters “I have honey between my legs”

Bukedde TV presenter Mary Flavia Namulindwa has scoffed at haters who are trying to defame her calling them cowards. A one Sharon Nji has opened social media war on the presenter accusing her sleeping with her man and several celebrities around town. The presenter in her reply told Sharon to show face and present her case genuinely.

Mary Flavia Namulindwa

“Some people go around saying this and that but of course that won’t bring me down , I am here to stay and whoever has a problem with me, let them come to me face to face and we sort it out because social media wont do me any damage. We have been talked about but we are here to stay,” Flavia said.

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“I will keep producing honey down there and if you know I took your man then may be you didn’t produce that honey but going around spreading false stopries tarnishing my name will not help you,” she added.

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