Five things I wish Slay Queens Understood!

Five things I wish Slay Queens Understood!

By Jasper Cruize

Jasper has pened down an interesting read dedicated to social media slay queens.  Read on and enjoy his highlights

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Beauty is an Added Advantage: All men get attracted to beauty, yes, we love a good shape, nice booty, legs without blemish, knee length Brazilian hair, and all, nice dress that shows us a little thigh and the change of legs shade from dark to light, which is a sign we are entering the holy of holies site.. … But that simply attracts a man to you, it doesn’t make him stay. The reasons a man is attracted to you, and the reasons he stays are worlds apart. Beauty is simply an added advantage, but added to what? If the only thing you have is “slaying” men will continue slaying you and move on.. beauty is like baking powder to dough, without flour, the baking powder is useless..

2. Hot Sex is Not a Selection Criteria: Before a man has sex with you, sex is number one on his list of goals. He can’t wait to be offered entry to the sacred gardens of Eden where his joy and bliss resides. However, as soon as he gains entry, whether it’s after the wedding because he is a faithful Christian who was dating a prophetic slay queen, the spiritual daughter of Soldier 1, or he is lucky to gain entry before marriage, sex immediately leaves the selection criteria. No man marries or stays with a lady because “she is damn good in bed..” No ways. When it come to making commitment decisions, your gymnastics, “Kokonyo skills’, screaming ability better than piano and tight cherry is thrown out of the window… and then he chooses a faithful, unadulterated Jehovah’s witnesses book seller for a wife, you start complaining “he used me…” No, you didn’t understand what sex meant to him.

  1. You Can Make Your Own Money: Don’t you ever get tired of this “can you do me a favour” syndrome. That’s why he ends up doing you a favour and then doing you. If you ask me, slay queens have all the traits of an entrepreneur;

They take risks – Only slay queens can go out with some man they don’t know, and even sleep at his place or in a lodge, without fear. That’s a good quality in business, the ability to go to places you have never been, just to make money. They have Data- If you want to know who is dating who, who is painting the neighbour’s wife, who aborted recently, ask a slay queen. They have too much useless data, such that, if they could instead use this quality to collect data on business opportunities, they would be quite wealthy in a short time. They’re charmers- no one charms like a slay queen. There is something about her eyes and tone of voice, even when they are speaking wrong English, that makes a man go back to the ATM.. imagine if they could use this trait to charm business customers.. Slay queens are entrepreneurs, albeit in a wrong business.

  1. Slaying has a Life Span: It doesn’t matter how hot you are, the heat starts to cool off at one point. And if you haven’t prepared for the future, you will only remain with past glory, claiming “I used to be beautiful me” by then, even Mac powder and foundation starts refusing to stick to your face. And your face, full of makeup, starts to look like an ant-hill whose termites have neglected it because of too many drunkards urinating on it. That’s when you realize, you messed yourself up with too much make up, and did not prepare for a rainy day. In your slaying days, remember, tomorrow is coming. Why don’t you invest in school or network marketing, or business, it may not pay much immediately, but with time, you will be glad you did.
  1. You Can Change: It’s never too late. A number of slay queens, because of their hoeing mileage,250,000km and Flying Fish intake, usually think they are in-too-deep and so can’t change. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if you have been dickmatised to insanity or you have drunk ciders enough to fill Kariba dam, you can still change. It’s never late. Don’t condemn yourself forever. You can be “a new being, the old has gone, the new has come..” Don’t even worry about cleaning yourself up, just go to Jesus as you are… He is a specialist in dealing with messed up people. There is still a lot of hope. Get Up and change.
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