First ever Comedy & Music centre in East Africa to be established

This is massive news to music and comedy industries in Uganda, we can confirm. Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo, one of Uganda’s comedy stars has revealed to us that the first ever Comedy and Music Centre is East Africa is in offing after they acquired the building to use. The news is massive in entertainment circles. Below is the statement from Pablo about the issue.

Comedian; Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo
Comedian; Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo

“I’m extremely excited and humbled to inform you that we have acquired a building, sitting on 0.41 acres at Mukwenda zone Makerere 1, where we are establishing the first ever COMEDY & MUSIC CENTRE in East Africa. We are forever grateful to all the Pablo Live fans that have silently contributed generously to this project. The centre is going to have mentorship programmes for those interested in comedy, music and vocal training, rehearsal and recording studios among others. We are now working on the beautification and furnishing of the premises. If all goes according to plan, we shall be able to open in August.  The door is still open for those who are willing to contribute office furniture, cement, paint, computers, advise, prayers, mention it, to the development of this centre. Bless you God size. Happiness is killing me,” Pablo said.

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