Fired NTV Login presenter, Anne speaks out

Anne Nakawombe aka Anne Nixon has spoken out for the first time since she was shown exit from NTV Uganda last week. The former Login presenter at The Serena Conference based station was sacked by the station’s management alongside her workmate and childhood friend Kevin Kaija. Anne denied having lesbian relationship with Kaija and said she is very disappointed of how the press has portrayed her in these hard times. Below is her statement on the matter;

Anne Nakawombe has broken her silence over sacking
Anne Nakawombe has broken her silence over sacking


Over the last one week I have endured slander and defamatory sentiments ventilating through the Uganda media platforms following my discharge from NTV Uganda on 12th August 2016 after a 4 year working stint.


I sincerely offer my gratitude to my former employer NTV Uganda for giving me the opportunity to nature my skills and passion in TV production and transmission. My relationship with NTV-Uganda which began as an intern while still a student of Mass Communication, later an employee and eventually the host of LOGIN. All that I am today is courtesy of NTV-Uganda and that much I appreciate.
I must also remit that my colleague, friend Kevin Kaija who was a producer for seeds of Gold is a hardworking diligent lady who loved her job and dutifully gave her very best while at it. She is an astute individual devoid of questionable characters and tendencies as so far been portrayed in sections of the media.

The Gutter Press and Sites:

Over this period, I have seen and endured non-factual and character assassinating reports, photos and video links that have only sought to damage my reputation. Indeed it is sad how these snoops and sites stoop so low to abdicate the very duty of accuracy as the hallmark of good journalism. One such is the photo of my childhood friend whom they falsely allude to be Kevin Kaija. But in this crazy times of mad-rush; to scoop stories regardless of the unethical means and blatant lies involved, I can’t blame the sadist reporting our society is being treated to.
I want to thank my fans who have sent me heart-warming messages of concerns, close-knit friends but most importantly my family members; (Dad, Mother and siblings) who have endured this ugly face of embarrassment to steadfastly stand by me.
I offer my apologies to those who have been scathed by this incident of employer-employee heading separate ways…something which is only normal in the employment environment.
Regardless of these setbacks, I promise that I will bounce back stronger for its true to what they say; “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” for life is a journey that offers great lessons at every stage. My stage is now with the invaluable lesson that such challenges can only serve to prepare one for a better future.
Yours Sincerely

Anne Nakawombe (Anne Nixons)

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