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Finally; Man that ballooned Soupy Doreen unearthed, Radio star refuses to change religion

Last week we laid out an undercover investigation into KFM’s bummy Doreen Nasasira’s pregnancy and a city man behind her. A well put together report indicates that a city real estate developer known as Habib Muriisa ballooned the bubbly Radio star but the two live apart for reasons we are yet to unearth.

The report furthermore indicates that Habib and Doreen are set to get culturally married any time soon. However Doreen is still adamant to change her religion to Islam. A source who closely follows the affairs of Doreen and Habib tells us that the couple is considering each one to remain in their faith if their marriage is to stand.

It is yet to be known if Habib’s family is ready to support their son to bring a non moslem woman into their family.

More reports indicate how the couple met. The report reveals that Habib met the soupy Doreen three years back. After several years and nights hearing her sleek voice, Habib confidently walked to KFM’s offices and hunted her down. The friendship went on until when the two decided to have a baby together recently.

Two weeks ago, Habib gifted her with a sleek brand new car.

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