Fez Media signs Judas Rap Knowledge Da Akbar & Spragga

Fez Media signs Judas Rap Knowledge Da Akbar & Spragga

Last Sunday, the premises of Fez Media LTD in Ntinda played host to the official unveiling of two Ugandan showbiz icons; Kilara Daniel alias Judas Rap Knowledge Da Akbar and Pacoto Jacob alias Spragga – jacobtrigger spragganifficient ug starboy.

The unveiling was the crown of a day punctuated by such mirth, as guests were treated to barbequed bites and different tribes of champagne and cocktails.
The party gathered the cream de la cream of socialites from Northern Uganda and Kampala. Famed rapper Judas Rap Knowledge Da Akbar (The Great) and JacobTrigger Spragganifficient commonly known as Spragga were the center of attention all through the function, taking time off to interact with yearning sects of the attendants.

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Many in the audience pointed out how Northern Uganda Hip Pop Star; Da Akbar, who is signed officially under Record Label, Fez Records, (a subsidiary of Fez Media LTD, where Spragga is signed) was fast conquering outside Uganda, and how he is celebrated in West Africa more than he is celebrated in Uganda. Da Akbar took West Africa by a storm after his beef with Sierra Leon’s self proclaimed Hip Pop King Kao Denero spiraled into a musical battle that garnered Da Akbar legions of fans in West Africa.

Speaking at the party, Charles Lwanga Otema aka NOBDIZZO said that Fez Media was happy to sign the two, citing that both brought a powerful force to the table of growth at Fez Media.
“Think about it like this, the Ugandan audience appreciates only the people that the media gives hype. Eddy Kenzo has been staging musical festivals and filling stadiums in West Africa, and yet at home, he doesn’t bask in the same quality of adulation. It’s perhaps a phenomenon that best explains why Judas Rap Knowledge Da Akbar is going to shine everywhere. He is already being celebrated in West Africa, and is a major Hip Pop star in Northern Uganda; certainly, because his lyrical prowess is deeply rooted and original, yet cuts across different audiences in appeal. We are happy to ignite the train that takes him to the deserved stardom. We are also glad that we have signed Spraga as a marketing force and brand custodian,” said NOBDIZZO.
Spragga and Da Akbar expressed gratitude for the opportunity, and promised not to let down Fez Media.
“This is a dream come true for me, to join Fez Media. With the exposure I’m going to gain at Fez Media, I am going to be international. Only the sky is the limit,” Spragga ecstatically stated.
Da Akbar promised to use the opportunity to bring international awards to Uganda.
“I am bringing a Grammy to Uganda. Fez Media has given me an opportunity that will catapult my musical career to the heights of glory it belongs to, and in 3 years time, I will be bringing major awards to our homelands like the Grammies and more,” stated Da Akbar.
“As Fez Media, we pride in promoting and supporting young talent and helping young people realize their potential. We picked the two because they’ve risen organically given their immense talent,” explained Patrick Ocira aka Heights P’ Christ, one of the founders of Fez Media.

Established in 2012, Fez started out as a professional media production house specializing in audio-visual production in its state-of-the-art recording facility. They later evolved into a full service marketing/media agency providing additional services that include; branding, commercial printing, stationery supply, promotional items supply, photography and videography, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. They have worked for all forms of clients across Uganda and the world, notable among them being, World Health Organization, FHI360, Oxfam Uganda, Ministry of Water and Environment, Communication for Development Foundation Uganda, ADRA Uganda, Uganda Cares, Development Media International, Joint Medical Stores, International university Of East Africa, UAP, UWESO, UNCST among others.

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