Farmers urged to embrace mechanization practices

Farmers urged to embrace mechanization practices

Farmers have been urged to practice modern farming to boost output and also produce in a sustainable manner.  The call was made by Moses Mugeni, the senior consultant New Holland tractors during the agricultural exhibition at Kihonda agricultural demonstration farm in Masindi over the weekend.

The use of technology in farming enhances production. Our entry into the market was informed by our commitment to enhance agriculture and farming mechanization in Uganda,” Mugeni said.

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Mugeni explained that the new Holland tractors are built with simplicity of design, unsurpassed reliability, outstanding fuel economy and minimal maintenance requirements.

“New Holland tractors are versatile and can ably be used in a range of fields. They are also engineered to increase power and efficiency while ensuring excellent cutting performance,” Mugeni added.

During the exhibition, The Cooper Motors Corporation, the official distributors of New Holland tractors also gave the farmers an opportunity to purchase different models at a discounted price and also had tractor spare parts sold at a 30% discount.

Organized by the East African Grain Council (EAGC), the exhibition, held under the theme, “Enhancing Value in Agribusiness for Food Security and Sustainable Farm Incomes”, featured exhibitions, a business networking session and farmers training.

The EAGC Agribusiness Expo is informed by the need to increase trade through demonstrating advanced technologies and innovations to farmers, traders, processors and financial institutions. The concept is aimed at addressing issues on the production processes in the value chain to help agricultural stakeholders decide on what to leverage on for maximum income and food security.  

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