Fans Treated To Memorable Experience As Afro Jazz On The Nile Show Launches

Fans Treated To Memorable Experience As Afro Jazz On The Nile Show Launches

By Our Reporter

The inaugural edition of the Afro Jazz on the Nile show has been launched.

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Organized by Amplify AB Impex Limited, it was officially launched during a ceremony held at The X-Hub in Najjera on Friday evening.

Speaking at the launch, Douglas Atukunda, the Event Coordinator, noted that the way music is consumed has evolved, and so have the music tastes hence the need to find new ways to deliver musical experiences.

“Jazz music has always been a preserve for less adventurous spaces, something to only be enjoyed behind closed doors by people with a foreign taste. However, the music palate for most affluent Ugandans has evolved and their sense of adventure along with it. Birthing the need for a jazz experience tailor-made for their progressive tastes.” Douglas Atukunda noted.

Afro Jazz on the Nile show will be a fusion of Afro-Pop & Jazz with a touch of the new school vibe.

“We want to use Jazz music to promote the rich African culture and heritage of the Nile, it’s people all while shinning a bright light on the East, Jinja in Particular. Afro Jazz on the Nile will be a biannual show and will be held in April and November.” He added.

The inaugural show will take place on Saturday, 12th November at Sailing Club in Jinja. It will feature live performances from Naava Grey, Kenneth Mugabi, Irene Ntale, King Saha and Azawi among others.

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