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Extra curvy Nana Weber in saucy photo display

Nana Weber is as attractive as it gets. She’s wearing one of those roller derby girl outfits and I can almost swear she’s reading my mind telepathically.

Because that’s exactly the outfit I wanted to see her in. If she were to slap a pair of skates on her feet right now I could die a happy man. Nana is one woman I would love to order by the pound and buy out the entire supply. Ugandan women don’t get much more seductive than her. I feel like she slipped into that vintage inspired outfit just for me. She knew I would be watching. Now the only thing on my mind is sitting together with my arm around her at a drive-in movie.

I’d argue any individual that claims Nana is not magic. Because she’s cast a spell on me that has me missing a woman I never met. Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whisky is really the only way to describe Nana. She looks sweeter than strawberry wine and is just as intoxicating. If I ever got addicted to Nana I’d never want to quit. She’s the only habit I wish to develop and be very proud to not give up on.

“Why do you worry about the small ting i got  …Hahahhahahahhahahha ndagashize…..,” Nana Weber posted.

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