Experience the incredible and interactive MAMO (My Airtel My Offer)

The products and services offered by Airtel Uganda have evolved greatly over the past few years. Coming from one-for-all packages, the network has now introduced ‘My Airtel My Offer’ – a Self-Help one-stop interactive voice response tool (IVR) for Airtel Products and services.


Through this service, Airtel Uganda subscribers have the opportunity to choose the best available product and/or service across tariff packages, recharge denominations, validity periods, value-added service and any other local promotional offer currently available on the Airtel Uganda network,

According to Ms. Christine Aanyu, the Customer Communications Manager at Airtel Uganda, “One can access MAMO like they would a library so as to catch up in case they have been away. It is also another way to provide updates on new products and introduce new customers to all that Airtel Uganda offers.”

Mamo is designed with the customer in mind, no queuing; it is available 24 /7 and can be accessed in 3 languages namely English, Luganda and Runyakitara.

“‘My Airtel My Offer’ also has a promotional offer of free 20MBS every month and UGX 1 per second discount as opposed to the standard UGX 3 call rate,” she added.

To access MAMO, Airtel Uganda subscribers simply have to call 141 at no cost and select their preferred option from a limitless pool of products. On choosing the desired product or service, subscribers will receive a confirmation message.

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