Exclusive: Secrets of witchdoctor, Akuze who sued Kadaga revealed

Damian Akuze, a resident of Buwala, Kamuli District in Eastern Uganda startled the nation when he dragged Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to Court seeking shs 200 million payment.

In his application, Akuze claimed that he administered charm which has kept Kadaga in powerful political positions and furthering her career.

Further he alleged that the Speaker approached him in 1990 but she had since then never paid a single penny, reason the amount accumulated to that tune.
But Kadaga through the Clerke of Parliament Jane Kibirige dismissed Akuze’s allegations after laying very strong points that have helped Kadaga rise in the ranks.

Untold Story

This website has exclusively established that Mr. Akuze, a widower, and father of 8 children has never been a witchdoctor as alleged in the application.

But rather, a few years ago, he was haunted by family spirits compelling him to to run mad.

“This is a man whom we have known as insane in our family,” said a relative who spoke to us on condition of anonymity last night.

Asked why he could have been haunted by the spirits, the relative replied that, he was a bad man who treated every relative harshly and segregated everyone.

“We decided to isolate him.”

The relative adds that Akuze was banished from the family he was suspected to have participated in the murder of his younger brother.

“We couldn’t arrest him because we already knew he was mad. And also he didn’t have evidence but he suspected,” the relative added.

Rebecca Kadaga

Asked Akuze’s highest level of education, the relative said, he stopped in Primary 3, in Kisozi before relocating to current residence.

“All his eight children no one is schooling. Two of them ran mad recently,” said a relative.

This relative wonders who could have been behind mudslinging Kadaga through Akuze.

“First of all, he is very broke. He can’t afford legal fees and everything needed during the court process. Secondly his capacity as Akuze, he couldn’t think of something like suing a Speaker.”

However, the relative said, the family is yet to fully investigate which bigwig is behind Akuze.

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