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Exclusive: Natasha Sinayobye on career, love and family

In our catch up with your celebrity, today at Showbiz Uganda (SB) caught up with model, actress, influencer and fashionista, Natasha Sinayobye. Read on for the full interview;

SB: Tell us who Natasha Sinayobye is?
Natasha: Natasha Sinayobye is so many things…I call myself an East African  job: farmer, model actress and her private life she lets people get to know her.
SB: Tell us about your career. The highs and lows in your career 
Natasha: Wow in everything I have done I have always gone in with expectations of lows but then I learnt how to always be solution based and that makes things much easier.

SB: As come 2019 comes to an end. What have been your achievements and what do you have in store for 2020?
Natasha: I would honestly say that in every business that I have done this year has been a big achievement because it’s a year of maturity in my work life…2020 I have so much to unveil and I like to surprise people so will say wait.
SB: People love your beauty, your style. How have you maintained that beautiful body that keep looking younger?
Natasha: I have a routine of always making sure I workout, I eat healthy though I do misbehave sometimes but that is how I have managed to keep up.
SB: Tell us about your love life. Are you dating?
Natasha: mmmmmm dating, nope i am not and I will leave it at that.

SB: Looking at your career, who are your idols. The people who inspired you into this?
Natasha: Wow I think I would say because i am family based my mum’s journey has inspired me in every aspect of my life in business and personal.
SB: At ASFAs, you wore a beautiful dress designed by Anita Beryl. Everyone said you looked stunning. Tell us more about the dress, how much it cost you and what you felt about comments from your fans.
Natasha: The dress was the beautiful work of my friend designer Anita beryl and we worked together and she listens to your ideas on how you want to look and then she comes up with a beautiful concept and that is how that beautiful dress was created…. it was priceless all I had the honor of doing is make it come to life on the red carpet and I love my fans they always have the sweetest comments.
SB: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Natasha: I see myself great in every I do… family, career and every other achievement i decide to take on with in that time.
SB: What do you do in your free time?
Natasha: I go to the movies hang with friends and I’m like a cat very curious for knowledge so i read a lot.
SB: What are some of the things that your friends do that irritates you ?
Natasha: Wow this question…I have friends with different characters so I cant honestly start saying this and that I love them with all that they are.

SB: What are three things that you can’t do without?
Natasha: Water.. my phone (because it does 85% of my work) and My family.
SB: Tell us your hobbies
Natasha: I really don’t have hobbies… I just do things that make me happy.
SB: Are you a sports fanatic. What is your favorite game and team?
Natasha: I think most of my girlfriends would say I’m a sports fanatic but I do love sports and my favs are soccer (Manchester United) and F1 (team Mercedes).
SB: What would you advise people who want to join acting, modeling and fashion?
Natasha: There is always great talent created every day so when you decide to enter this business have an iron heart and when you decide to work give it your all 💯.

SB: What’s your comment about Uganda’s entertainment industry?
Natasha: The industry has grown in the last 10 years and it has changed so many people’s opinions of what they thought it was to what it can do to personal income and it’s not a losers way out in life.
SB: What wound be your general last message to the general public?
Natasha: I would say be you in everything that you decide to do….my saying “my legacy my rules”…
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