Ex MP aspirant accused of swindling people of their hard earned money promising them juicy jobs abroad

Ex MP aspirant accused of swindling people of their hard earned money promising them juicy jobs abroad

Former Member of Parliament aspirant for Kawempe North Robinah K Nanyunja has come into spotlight with a number of people accusing her of swindling their money while as she promised to get them juicy jobs and deals abroad.

In a long post which was sent to us and was posted in her WhatsApp group of recruited people, Robinah is accused of running away with people’s money when actually she didn’t deliver what she promised.

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Robinah has since blocked many of her victims as you can see from above

Six girls have told this website that they demand a combined UGX 17m after she failed to take them abroad when she recruited them under her company Pilot International. Many more victims have confessed to have been defrauded by Robihah. “The way she talks you may think she is heaven sent, she can really convince with her tongue,” a victim said.

Robinah contested for Kawempe North MP seat in last elections

One of the victims identified as Monica said after they pressurized her to refund, she blocked most of her victims from contacting her as well as removing them from her WhatsApp Group.


It will come by surprise that you have found yourselves in this group but i had to caution each and every one of you and at the same time let you people know that am looking for Robinah K Nanyunja (Facebook names) of pilot international, husband names, Timothy Baguma.

Sometime back, a lady posted that she had been scammed by Robinah, some of us ignored the post, but am here to testify the same issue, i have reported to Police and i will put her on all Facebook blogs and also issue posters around Kampala because am looking for her. Robinah has frauded so many people and now it has also happened to me. I gave Robinah a sum of Shs2m to work on a friends visa to Sweden, however Robinah had said initially that we give her deposit then we can give her balance when visa is out, however she has asked for 2000$ as registration and we agreed on half as soon as visa is issued, she gets balance, at some point she said the people she was working for said she must complete the money before forms are sent.

At this point, it was  impossible for them to put in more money without really being sure what would happen as they were not ready to make a loss, Me and Robinah spoke and i asked her to refund the money because of the situation that no one will invest any more money unless they see results.

I was to get this money December 2017, she said her other signatory was not around, he travels a lot etc, we wait, keep in mind, we discussed returning this cash in November 2017 when i was back.

January 2018 we spoke and she said, end month the guy will be around so we will have the money reimbursed. I was patient, however when January ended, she started her actual fraud tendencies of, i have to wait, she doesn’t manage people’s travels so we must wait until his back, i said, can you at least give me a time frame when, she said she doesn’t know, however, i got angry and then said to her, the money was given to you and you signed so you must return this money, I am not waiting on anyone, she said no problem I will get in touch with company lawyer, i said fine, i must tell you people, it is true, Robinah even when you ask security, her offices are always closed, been there three times in a row and she isn’t there and security says it’s been long since they last saw it open.

Like i said i wasn’t in the country, my cousin brother who gave her the money moved to Dubai to work after she gave him receipt and he left for Dubai so we kept in touch with her as i had the screenshot of the receipt. So apparently Robinah sent me a message and said she spoke to the lawyer and he said money will be returned but i turn up with the my cousin brother and receipt, knowing very well, my cousin couldn’t come to Uganda because of the job, so i said to her, i will meet with your lawyer but you can as well turn up with the carbon paper receipt. She said ok, what time can you come, i said to her 2pm today, she said I will ask the lawyer as his still and court, i said ok, until now, the lawyer is still in court. I woke up this morning, she had blocked me and also she removed me from the group as this issue escalated. Am here to caution you people to be aware, Robinah and her pilot international doesn’t take people, Robinah is scam, i have managed to get in touch with the lady who made that post and also other 4 people and we have agreed to meet and see how to get hold of her, i personally have put my research on her and i can assure you that I will be the last person she does this to”, A posted.

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