Ex Miss Uganda Namiiro Rocks At Royal Ascot

Former Miss Uganda and Maria Namiiro TV show host Maria Namiiro showed again that she is getting higher each day by rocking at Royal Ascot last week in UK.Maria Namiiro (R) with a male pal at the social event

Maria Namiiro (R) with a male pal at the social event

The Royal Enclosure is at the heart of Royal Ascot. Entry to the enclosure is by sponsorship from an existing member who has attended in four previous years. Within this area, gentlemen are required to wear morning dress with a top hat and ladies must wear formal day wear.Namiiro (C) enjoying with friends Namiiro (C) enjoying with friends

It was a dream come true for Namiiro as she rubbed shoulders Crème de la crème of United Kingdom at the function. Again this shows that her profile is going up day by day.10462808_10152052582931735_1688546792577557271_n


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