Ex Miss Uganda excited about tying up her dream man

Former Beauty queen Sylvia Wilson Namutebi cannot hide her excitement as the day to tie the knot with her dream man nears. Sylvia is set to walked down the aisle her dream man Aly Alibhai of Talent Africa on Saturday 29th July 2017.

While posting on her wall, the former beauty queen said she has been a lucky girl who never had a problem with finding good people in her life. She added that she is excited and can’t hide her happiness..

“When God raises a standard the devil brings a storm and tries to create chaos but some of us are too blessed to even notice the chaos. We are too happy enjoying the day that the lord has made, we busy being positive to notice the negativity. Life is too short to waste it being miserable and hating on others. I will tell you this I’ve always been a lucky girl never had a problem with finding good people in my life but you always have to listen to your heart when the right one comes you just know! The way I met my husband to be was just destined it’s a great story to tell. I’m glad to share my happiness and celebrate with those that are happy for me let’s be happy together I will not lie am very excited and am celebrating every little thing. For me this comes once in a lifetime. If that bothers you oh well be bothered as for me am smiling all the way to the altar. If God wishes. Cheers,” Sylvia posted.

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