Enjoy this colourful kid content with StarTimes

Enjoy this colourful kid content with StarTimes

As we keep our children safe at home during this lockdown, Let StarTimes be the perfect solution for their entertainment. The most popular channels including Toonami, DreamWorks, ST Kids, Cbeebies continue to present colourful programmes from morning to evening, catering to the appetite of all ages children even the adults interested in animation.

Starting  Saturday 24th July 2021 at 9pm, Toonami will air the Reign of the Super Heroines is the story of an 80 -year struggle for recognition for not only that of certain paper characters but also that of the authors and readers they represent.

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Vowing to average the senseless murder of his wealthy parents, the millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne secretly assumes his crime-fighting alger-ego: ‘Batman’, and devotes his life to wiping out lawlessness in Gotham City. Don’t miss to watch Batman, the animated series every Wednesday at 9pm on Toonami.

Week days  at 8pm and weekends at 11pm on Dreamworks, Everyone’s favorite lemur, King Julien, brings back the party with Mort, Maurice, and Clover in fun-filled adventures in Madagascar! King Julien sets ail on a wild ride when he is held captive by pirates, performs a booty-shaking dance recital and competes in the Jungle Games.

Catch the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Monday to Friday at 6:30pm on St Kids. When a kingpin threatens New York City, a group of mutated turtle warriors must emerge from the shadows to protect their home.

Every Monday to Friday from 7pm, watch The panda and the little more play together happily and learn each other’s cultural knowledge.

Every Monday at 6:40pm on Cbeebies on World Kitchen, children from around the world share some of their favourite recipes from a wide range of cuisines, showcasing the amazing dishes that are on offer. Young cooks take charge in the kitchen as they prepare recipies including Swedish kardemummabullar, Ukranian borscht, American pumpkin pie, Somalian nafaqo and Ugandan rolex. www.startimestv.com

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