Empowering Teens: Kiromo Teenz Partners with 7 Days Pads for Comprehensive Menstrual Health Awareness

Empowering Teens: Kiromo Teenz Partners with 7 Days Pads for Comprehensive Menstrual Health Awareness

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering menstrual health awareness and empowerment among teenage girls, Kiromo Teenz has proudly announced a strategic partnership with 7 Days Pads. This collaboration, unveiled at Royal College Namugongo, signifies a crucial step in addressing the essential aspect of teenage girls’ lives—menstrual health.

The partnership sets the stage for a series of impactful engagements during the Kiromo Teenz School Tours across various schools. The primary objective is to advocate for menstrual health by providing affordable and reliable menstrual health solutions, ensuring that every girl receives optimal care.

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Acknowledging the critical role menstrual health plays in teenage girls’ lives, Kiromo Teenz, in collaboration with 7 Days Pads, aims to bring menstrual well-being to the forefront of discussions. Beyond the distribution of menstrual products, the initiative is a commitment to education, awareness, and accessibility. The school tours will now include informative sessions on menstrual hygiene, emphasizing the importance of proper care and the use of reliable products.

MC Ollo, the team leader, expressed excitement about the positive impact this partnership could make in young girls’ lives. He emphasized that the collaboration extends beyond physical provision to instill confidence, break taboos, and foster pride in one’s body. The goal is to create an environment where every girl feels empowered, cared for, and confident in managing her menstrual health.

Kiromo Teenz, powered by NTV Uganda, Sumz snacks, Rama Lusaniya, and now 7 Days Pads, invites everyone to join in supporting this cause. As the Kiromo Teenz School Tours continue, stay tuned for updates on how they are making a difference, one school at a time.

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