Emburara Farm Lodge ready to partner with AeroLink Uganda

Luxurious Emburara Farm Lodge in Mbarara management said they are ready to partner with recently launched AeroLink Uganda. 
AeroLink Uganda launches its direct domestic flights from Entebbe to Mbarara and will be landing at Nyakisharara Airfield located a few metres from Emburara Farm Lodge.

The launch of flights comes as a good news for the luxurious lodge because it is now going to be convenient for tourists to fly direct to the lodge.
The lodge’s management has welcomed it and wants to have a partnership with the air transport company.
“Congratulations AeroLink Uganda on launching your direct domestic flights to Mbarara. Emburara Farm Lodge just located next to Nyakisharara airfield is ready to partner with you so as to make the experience of our guests more exciting. We offer a wide range of #Lifeonthefarm packages in addition to luxury accommodation. Call us +256776200080 or +256772509600,” Emburara management said  after the flight launch.

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