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e’ebo World launches, promises excellent services

A new platform dubbed e’ebo World has been launched to offer digital platforms and sell their content.
e’ebo is a pay-per-access platform that allows selected content creators to directly sell their content on revenue share basis.
It allows content creators to charge their fans directly for access to digital content. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the new normal is going to drive more content producers to look for alternative sales platforms while festivals, bars and large gatherings remain closed, and for networks e’ebo provides a platform to extend the value creation period of their original content.
Current online platforms like YouTube have very unrealistic demands in terms of subscribers and views before one starts earning from their work.
“We target a viewer base between the age of 18 to 35 that seeks to have access at any point and enjoys our flexible consumption model as well as access to exclusive quality content, we are looking to partner with creators and media houses that we can push on the release of the online version of the app,” Management said.
 Popular content will be distributed through also their public wifi hotspots.
Singers Sheebah Karungi and Lilian Mbabazi as well video producer Sasha Vibes and comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado have already signed up for e’ebo.
For more log onto https://web.eeboworld.com/
Opportunity for content creators
– Platform to directly sell digital concerts to crowd: Revenue share on net revenue (Revenue – VAT)
– Integration with Mobile Money, Paypal, Credit Cards
– Extending lifetime value of past creations that are not anywhere to be found online
– Recommended is an exclusive sales period on eebo to maximize value creation for
content that usually goes on YouTube
We provide:
– High End Tech Infrastructure
– Real time analytics in viewer base & behavior
– Real time tracking of revenues
– Monthly Payouts.

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