Eddy Kenzo rubbishes rumours about Coronavirus sickness

Eddy Kenzo rubbishes rumours about Coronavirus sickness

Star singer Eddy Kenzo has described the rumours circulating that he is suffering from COVID-19 disease caused by Coronavirus as false and baseless.

The singer confirmed that he is sick with ulcers after eating oily food but said he was getting better. He called on the general public to disregard the rumours.

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“Nayogedeko ne Kato last evening yabadde ne idea about helping our people with small money via mobile money and I told him it’s a good idea but I couldn’t talk much because I was in hospital and I sent him a picture aleme kulowoza nti mulimba. I also told him that I’m sick but sagala kanga bantu because we have enough problems going on.

I’m so disappointed in Ashbag Katto. Siganye I’m sick but not corona and I will be fine InshAllah. Nyina bad ulcers ate abantu beno emmele yabwe ebamu buto munji era ne kamulali munji so emmele yeyarese obuzibu. Nafunye chance nenfuna bana Uganda wano, my brother Raga Dee connected me to his sister Ritah and her husband they are very good people era bebantute mu hospital and Stellah sent me a message on Instagram told me nti abera wano she can help on anything and cooked for us good Ugandan food so I’m ok bambi I’m still weak but I will be fine. They checked corona, Malaria and were all negative so I will be fine,” Eddy Kenzo posted.

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