Ebonies’ Hady Sengo On Acting and Love Life

Hady Sengo is a producer, actress and costume mistress in the local dramatists ‘The Ebonies’. She talked to Showbiz Uganda about her love for acting, love life and what the future holds for her. Read on….Hady SengoHady Sengo

SU: Who is Hady Sengo?

Hady Sengo: I was born on 17th October 1985. I was born in Naggalama, Mukono district to Hajji and Hajjat Ssengooba. For really, I was a nomad when it came to schools. My first stop was at Nakanyonyi Primary and then Kawempe Mbogo for my S.1 and S.2, Kawempe Standard for my S.3 and Naggalama Islamic for my S.4. I had to proceed to Kawempe Muslim for my A’Level. I worked at Kann Videography in my S.6 vacation before enrolling for a diploma in marketing at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Nakawa.Hady in one of the Ebonies' actsHady in one of the Ebonies’ acts

 SU: When did you join Ebonies and what inspired to act

Hady Sengo: I joined in 2009. Since childhood I was an actress and a musician even in school so I had passion for acting and I knew I would make it big.

SU: What has been your greatest moment in Ebonies?

Hady Sengo: The first Red carpet reception and meeting the Kabaka face to face and upclose.

 SU: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Hady Sengo: I used to watch a television reality called Sunset Beach and it inspired me a lot to join the industry.

SU: Tell us about your love life?

Hady Sengo: I am engaged with a man of my life and we have two kids, 4 and 2 years.

SU: Tell us how do you manage family, acting and your private business at ago?

Hady Sengo: It is extremely difficult but I try to juggle them like a pro.

Ebonies demands a lot of time and family also does the same.

Sexy: Hady Sengo
Sexy: Hady Sengo

 SU: What role do you play in Ebonies and how do you find it?

Hady Sengo: I am a senior actress, a producer and costume mistress. I find my roles interesting, a lot of debating but really very cool.

SU: What do you in your free time?

Hady Sengo: I watch movies and spend quality time with my kids.

SU: Given a chance which Hollywood actors would you love work with?

Hady Sengo: Uhmm a lots. I really fancy Charlize Theron, Halle Barry, Angelina Jolie and Tom Welling.

SU: Which celebrity would you love to date if given a chance ?

Hady Sengo: Ed Westick aka Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl. He looks so nice.

SU: What do say about Uganda’s Film Industry?

Hady Sengo: It is too backward, we need real movie producers. They just annoy me.Hady Sengo

SU: Any avice for young actors?

Hady Sengo: Entertainment needs much honesty, ethics and patience.

SU: What is your favorite local dish, movie and role model?

Hady Sengo: My favourite movie is Charmed, am down for Matooke and smoked fish in Gnuts. My favorite personality is Oprah

SU: What do you do that your friends dont like

Hady Sengo: Two things; 1. I am straightforward, I say it like I see it and 2. I argue a lot as in debating, it is hard to let something go without winning, and I think I am always right. These two irritate my friends a lot.

SU: What did you gain from Hollywood visit?

Hady Sengo: Visited a lot of places that i only heard of and only saw in movies. It was a great learning experience.

SU: What are your favourite hangouts in Uganda?

Hady Sengo: I do not really hangout but if I am to choose, i say Club Silk

SU: Being a muslim and given the fact of you guys behave, don’t find it inconveniencing your work?

Hady Sengo: Oh My God (Winks), for real that is the biggest challenge of all especially in Ramadan. For-instance you’re fasting all covered up yet you have to go on stage putting on skimpy outfits so definitely my family does not like it.

SU: Any last words?

Hady Sengo: For the young girls that have just joined the industry; respect your bodies and you will make it.Sengo in one of Ebonies' actsSengo in one of Ebonies’ acts

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