East African Partners calls on African-Americans to consider returning and investing home

East African Partners calls on African-Americans to consider returning and investing home

East African Partners (EAP) a company that markets East Africa as an investment destination has on Monday June 8 rallied African Americans to consider taking up investments in East Africa.

East Africa has for the recent years ranked as the most attractive investment destination— helped by its expanding consumer market, increasing availability of hard currency, exchange rate stability, a diversified economy and steady improvement in business environment, particularly investment-related legal reforms.

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The region’s ease of doing business has been boosted by its developed infrastructure, healthy, well-educated workforce, the most efficient goods market and strong institutions.

For weeks now several African Americans have taken to the streets to protest against racial discrimination that has left many of them treated to many kinds of injustice. This follows the gruesome murder of the late George Floyd an African American who was killed by a Caucasian Police officer in the USA on 25 May, 2020.

From that background, several calls to African Americans to consider returning to their cradle land, different African countries have made arrangements to ensure a safe landing for these sons and daughters of the African continent.

“I believe that it is time for our brothers and sisters to consider coming back home and focus on rebuilding Africa, their home instead of building the Caucasian man’s home,” said EAP Managing Director Isaac Kigozi in a statement dated Monday June 8.

He added: I stayed in the US for more than 20 years but a few years ago I chose to come back to settle home and I can attest to the fact that African governments have created a conducive environment to resettle those willing to settle home as well as those willing to set up business investments”.

The region is home to many investment opportunities including Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tourism, Education, Health, Transport, Agriculture, Technology, among others.

Early this year, Kigozi’s EAP led a delegation of African Americans including Michael Broughton, Mark Hernandez, Veronica Smith and Dr. Julius O.Ebinu who met with President Museveni.

The President whom the group of investors met at Liao Shen Industrial Park in Kapeeka, Nakaseke District encouraged them to take advantage of Uganda’s vast opportunities to invest in any of the lucrative sectors.

He also promised to render them any kind of support that they would need in setting up any investment venture.

President Museveni is known to severely punish government officials who frustrate investors.

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