EA Wave reimagines Ami Faku in brand new EP

EA Wave reimagines Ami Faku in brand new EP


South African powerhouse modern Afro-soul singer Ami Faku has had a remarkable rise in the industry. In an astoundingly short period Ami has been adorned with Platinum and Gold announcements for 3 singles from Imali—her debut album, 2 Platinum singles for collaborations and has recently won the coveted Best Female Award at the 2020 South African Music Awards (SAMA), as well as wowing audiences with a phenomenal performance at the ceremony.

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Aside for her highly coveted album Imali, Ami Faku has released some exciting collaborations with a broad range of artists such as Sun-El Musician, Prince Kaybee, Black Diamond, Lemon and Herb and more, all evidenced in her recent Ami Faku Apple essentials playlist, a rare achievement for a newcomer to the industry.

Ami Faku continues to spread her wings in new collaboration EP with EA Wave. EA Wave reimagines Ami Faku in the 5-track EP featuring some of Ami’s top and most beloved tracks freshly redone including Love Drunk (Ukweli Remix), Ebhayi (Jinku Remix), Mbize (Nu Fvnk Remix), Ungowami (Sichangi Remix) and Ndikhethe Wena (Hiribae Remix).

EA Wave Reimagines Ami Faku: https://bit.ly/3l6GMaQ

Ami says of working with the music and art collective hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, “I love what EA Wave has done with the music and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the EP,” adding, “It’s always been a dream of mine to expand my music across the continent.”

While redefining the sound of East Africa, the group continues to produce progressive fresh sounds in collaboration with a cross section of versatile artists beyond the region. Their coming together with Ami Faku does not stray away from this formula.

Ami Faku’s sound is unique and global and will resonate with citizens from all walks of life. She is gifted with the ability to work with various musical genres, often finding her solace in the modern Afro Pop genre, with influences from the likes of Daniel Caesar and Sabrina Claudio, with a touch of her Xhosa heritage. This Eastern Cape starlet, is known for her hauntingly beautiful voice, poignant lyrics and relatable visuals which speak to real issues facing South Africa and Africa, and this rich blend of unbounded talent and relatability have made her a household name to audiences across Southern Africa audience and had her album in the Top 10 Charts sinces its release last September in Musica stores across SA.

Ami Faku was named Deezer’s Most Streamed Female Artist in South Africa for 2019. In 2020, she won Best Female Award at the 2020 SAMAs, alongside bagging nominations for best newcomer and best female, as well as best collaboration and best Best Afro Pop Album. In 2016 Ami Faku auditioned for The Voice SA where she reached the Top 16 spot in 2017. Her participation in The Voice SA opened a lot of doors for her which led to finding a mentor and working with some of the top producers in SA. Through her networking, Ami Faku met renowned producer, 37MPH, who introduced her to Raphael Benza of Vth Season which led to her being featured on Eternal Africa’s Maradona (SA cover) single, and later being signed to the Vth Season in 2018, under which Ami released her first single, Ndikhethe Wena which catapulted her career.

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Ukweli’s productions are based on a collage of varying elements: African percussion, R&B influences, hip-hop, indie rock and more. Sichangi’s productions are already making him a reference point in the industry despite his young age. His productions cut across genres and are described as full of detail and passion. Nu Fvnk’s vision is to be a multidisciplinary artist in the likes of Tyler the Creator and Pharrell Williams. building installations that immerse people into spaces and turning them into photo booths. Hiribae crafts wistful and soulful compositions, often sampling classic jazz standards paired with airy synthesizers and smooth trumpet lines. His sound can vary from a dusty corner jazz cafe to the pounding rhythms of a warehouse party. Jinku fuses RnB, and electronica beats with African percussion and almost anything else he can find, creating unique musical hybrids – Tribal Downtempo and Psychedelic African Dance Music. EA Wave have been featured on Fader, Boiler Room, Okayafrica and CNN. They continue to gain international attention.

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