Driver Crashes Desh’s Audi Q7 Pick Up Beyond Repair

Panamera Bar boss Andrew Desh Kananura was left in tears after his driver crashed his Audi Q7 Pick up UAV 800B beyond repair today afternoon. The driver who we are yet to identify crashed the vehicle in Ndeeba, a Kampala suburb.The Audi after the accident

The Audi after the accident

The Audi before the accident

The Audi before the accident

The car driver was rushing from seeing his girl friend  and in the process , he lost control and crashed its front face off. The driver however is fine. Desh was quick to hit his Facebook page to mourn the car and ask whoever knows where it is to direct him. Below is his post.Andrew Desh Kananura

Andrew Desh Kananura

Andrew Desh Kananura
I have just been told that my driver has written off my Q7 pick up? in some place in Ndeeba does anyone know where I can find the car?

The showy businessman again wrote as below

Andrew Desh Kananura;Thanks to everyone my car had been taken to be fill it up with fuel, driver turned off the phone went to see a girlfriend in Ndeeba trying to speed back, I believe lost control the rest are details, but the good news he is ok! Thank God he never knocked any one and everything happens for a reason. Onto the next thing people.

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