Dr Eng Silver Mugisha discusses the role of Leadership on Business and Growth

Dr Eng Silver Mugisha discusses the role of Leadership on Business and Growth

Last evening, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) MD Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha gave a key note addres at the Kitabi Seminary Old Boys Association (KISOBA) business dinner and fundraiser.

The evening was graced by General Salim Saleh, the business fraternity, religious leaders, the security top brass from the UPDF, Police and other security agencies, Heads of Government agencies among others.

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In his address, Dr. Silver discussed hierarchical leadership conceptual framework that looks at;
•Understanding *WHY* things have to be done the way they are.
• *BELIEVING* in what the leadership of the organization believes in.
• Looking at *HOW* what the company believes in will be achieved
•Requisite *ACTIONS* neccessary to achieve what the organization believes in
•Considering *WHAT* comes out of the action processes undertaken
• *RESULTS* of different sets of actions/activities undertaken in the organization

*Key leadership competences*
•Leaders see far and envision; they inspire others to focus on annotated strategic direction; they challenge the process/technology in use/status quo; they work through others; they encourage the heart and practice reciprocity; they are good persuaders; they are excellent and smart communicators.

This year’s Business dinner is a unique in it’s own way as coz we are launching our very first Business Directory .This Directory is a database of all Businesses owned & run by obs & other partners like NWSC.

Our main objective for this directory is to widen our scope of doing business amongst us as members of the Association. It’s an opportunity for each of to know what each one of does & how best we can make Business links for a more economically empowered Association.

*What Do Great Leaders Do?*•They know that they cannot do it alone:they need willing followers (put the right people in the right places)
•They know that business challenges and customer expectations are ever changing.
•They link business growth to employee welfare and career growth through a programme of incentives
•They hate the status quo and are good persuades that there is urgency to change (working as if “there is a lion in the compound”)
•They are politically tuned and pursue correct value proposition, aggressively
•They purse disruption through problem-driven technology.
•They known that their mindset can grow or kill the business.

*You need to emotionally intelligent as a leader:Fundamentals*
•Ability to understand that it is not about the intellect but wisdom to mobilize resources and cause the right business changes
• *Self-awareness*: knowing one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and goals and their impacts on others.
Indicators: self-confidence, realistic self-assessment, self-deprecating sense of humour, thirst for constructive criticism.
*Self-regulation*: controlling or re-directing disruptive emotions and impulses.
Indicators; trustworthiness, integrity, comfort with ambiguity
*Motivation*:being driven to the achievement
Indicators: A passion for the work itself and for the challenges, unflagging energy to improve, optimism in the face of failure
*Empathy*:considering others’ feelings especially when making decisions.
Indiactors: Expertise in attracting and retaining talent, ability to develop others, sensitivity to cross-cultural differences
*Social Skill*: Managing relationships to move in desired directions
Indicators: Effectiveness in leading change, persuasiveness, extensive networking.

He further urged the leaders to take keen interest in the financial health of their businesses.
“Leadere must understand the key financial statements i.e balance sheet, the income statement and cash flow statement.

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