DPP withdraws malicious criminal case against Angella Katatumba

DPP withdraws malicious criminal case against Angella Katatumba

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has withdrawn and dropped charges of; criminal tresspass, impersonation, obtaining money by false pretense and fraud maliciously levied on Angella Katatumba by Mukesh Shukula aka Shumuk in yet another failed attempt to gain ownership of Hotel Diplomate Muyenga.

It is public knowledge that H.E Prof Boney Katatumba won his property cases against Shumuk at Commercial court.

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The Honorable Justice Peter Henry Adonyo ruled very harshly against Shumuk ordering him to put all the titles back into the names of Boney Katatumba of which Shumuk fraudulently put in his names.

The titles are for the properties of Katatumba Suites, Hotel Diplomate Muyenga and Katatumba’s 200 acre Island in Banda, Kalangala.
The judge further ordered Shumuk to pay Katatumba 54 Billion for the balance he owes Katatumba at Katatumba Suites. Shumuk appealed and was granted a stay of execution. The reason why he has not yet been thrown out of Katatumba Suites.

Shumuk then resorted to opening the same case that he lost, using forgeries that he is currently standing trial for at Buganda Road Court. He has so far opened cases against Angella Katatumba at; Makindye court, Lands at High Court and Execution Division, all of which he has miserably lost, in the hopes of gaining possession of Hotel Diplomaté.

The most recent case he opened against Angella Katatumba was a Private prosecution case at Makindye. The charge sheet was full of trumped up and bogus charges against Angella Katatumba of; criminal trespass, obtaining money by false pretense, cheating and impersonation at Hotel Diplomaté.

The DPP, the Honourable Justice Mike Chibita, noted that Shumuk was maliciously targeting Angella Katatumba and he then withdrew the case against Angella Katatumba and dropped all the charges of which, Makindye court then acquitted her.

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