Dorrys Outs ‘Kaana Ka Maama’ Multi Ethic Folk Pop

Western Uganda music Icon Dorrys Mutahunga has outed yet another breath-taking mother of folk pop tunes. ‘Kaana Ka Maama’ literally means “mummy’s little girl” is a slow mellow tune in compound time.Dorrys MutahungaDorrys Mutahunga

It’s a representation of the multi ethnic life style of Ugandans and the result of inter marriages.

Purposely the song has its rhythm rooted on the Kinyarwanda orchestration while the vocals flow in western Uganda’s Runyankole language. It portrays the elements the two cultures share.

The song is a hearty farewell song from a mother to daughter who is of age to get married. Dorrys’ compositional musicianship skills can be heard in the polyrhythms and later seen in the syncretism of cultures brought out in art form to stage.

Her mellow Mezo Soprano vocals tuned to the African pentatonic scale complete this set of a masterpiece art Song.

Lyric Records together with Dorrys recorded the song while Alose films Uganda did the video.

To expect is the blend in the multi dances still in the video. The Audio is steadily finding its way top the radio chats while the video will probably be out next week.


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