Dorrys Mutahunga outs New Love Single

Dorrys Mutahunga outs New Love Single

Western Diva Dorrys Mutahunga has new message for lovers.Dorrys MutahungaDorrys Mutahunga

The singer has used her lyrics to preach about love with a new track titled ‘Syrup’. Syrup is in an Urban Zouk form with some scattered reggae.

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In the song, Dorrys equates a lover to a syrup that is a sweet liquid substance that can be sweeten food, Regenerate, revitalize, re energize the body system at the same time medicinal.

Unlike ‘Kaana Ka Maama’, which is multi ethnic, and folk, Syrup is purely urban in English, with some bits of Runyakitaara and Kinyarwanda.

Dorrys had the song premiered on several stations in town. The song is steadily frequenting the request chats of all Western Uganda radios save for only Vision Radio where Mutahunga’s music was banned from playing by a singing boss for over 5 years now. Being a mega song, we expect a mega video out.


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