Dorothy tells off Herbert Shonga ‘You are just a sperm donor’

Dorothy tells off Herbert Shonga ‘You are just a sperm donor’

Cashie Madam Dorothy has told her ex husband Herbert Shonga to stop behaving in a stupid way.

Posting on her wall, Dorothy accused Herbert of abonding his own blood for a slay queen and she described his as just a sperm donor.

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In the awake of her son Ethan’s birthday, Dorothy was pissed with her ex hubby for telling the son who he is expecting twins. Below is Dorothy’s full statement;

“Hebert Shonga Stupidity is when you call children you abandoned, you dont support, house, feed, dress or pay school fees for on their birthday and start telling them of how you are going to have twins from our matrimonial bed with another woman instead of talking only about the birthday. Love nigga what’s up with u???? Save the energy, they will never be related, stop tormenting my children please. i respect you and i moved on but not when you touch on my children. Sperming them only without child support does not make you a father but just a sperm donor,” Dorothy posted.

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