Dorothy Shonga warns slay queen, tells her stop your madness and work yourself out

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Dorothy Cashie Madam has written a warning to a slay queen who is obsessed with her. The socialite cum entrepreneur has warned her to stop tagging her in her poor D***k.  Below is the warning she posted on her Facebook wall.
How i look its The refrection of how  my man treats me. He calls me cashie madam
Proudly says thats  my Dorothy
I call him kingbae the VVIP
together we are called #CASHIE-C
Happily  in a relationship. some of us dont f**k D**k we  f**k money. we made thet error once and we vowed never to repeat.
So woman stop your madness and work yourself out. stop tagging any person that’s above your status to your poor d**k because when I get tired i will f**k him, upgrade his status teach him how to make real money and make sure every single thing you said comes to pass.!!! You are lucky am in a relationship and I don’t fancy marriage i had enough  of it because at this point in time I would  have  been already called his wife. I have no any drop  of mercy when it comes to that my dear-some  girls  drained  it all,” Dorothy posted.

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