Doreen Kabareebe’s Bikini Body

When I saw that former model Doreen Kabareebe was looking so damn hot in her bikini, I admit, my first thought was, where the heck is Asma Uwase? My understanding of global geography being based entirely on a Risk board map, I’ve missed a few things.


But once I spotted it on Google Earth, I plugged the coordinates into my invisible jet and took off for the swimming pool without delay. Surely Doreen would be as excited to see me as I her. Though that assumption has failed me on more than one occasion in the past. Ass out of me and you and all that.

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Doreen really is quite the looker. And in that bikini, quite the booty and body exhibitionist. I give Doreen passing grades. When I arrive in my invisible jet, I’ll hand her her diploma. No, I don’t know why it’s pre-moistened. Just open it up. Enjoy.

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