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Doreen Kabareebe to represent East Africa at MS World International beauty pageant 2020

Supermodel Doreen Kabareebe has fallen into things again, we can confirm. After she was certified as the Miss Uganda World International 2020 on 24th August, Doreen Kabareebe will be traveling to Miami, USA to represent Uganda at the MS World International pageant which will take place from 27th – 30th October 2020.
The MS World International pageant is a team building experience where delegates (beauty queens) bond and build each other through supportive activities in a structured environment.
The goal of the beauty pageant is to inspire women from every country, continent and culture to come together, in the spirit of competition, to share their passions and promote their platforms on an international level.
The queens participate in several group challenges like the yacht party pose-off challenge, as well as five phases of individual competitions showcasing each one’s unique beauty, modeling ability, camera appeal and performance skills.
All the nominated beauty queens are provided a world class experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase their abilities at the pageant.
The pageant is televised and features models of all ages competing in a 4 day reality TV adventure. Our own Doreen Kabareebe will be flying the East African flag at the international event after going through as a semi finalist.
The sexy model who has been mesmerizing in her career told this website that it is “exciting” to finally make it onto the international stage and she is very prepared to wave the East African flag at the global stage.
“I am more than prepared it being more of a filming event. Am always having shoots, maybe am practicing through these amazing shoots that i have had this year,” she added.
The jolly model also revealed that she plans on using the opportunity to fully represent the beauty of East Africa especially Uganda, to make new friends at the pageant and to advance her modeling career.

The event is organised by MS World International.

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