Doreen Kabareebe invests more into charity drive

Doreen Kabareebe invests more into charity drive

Supermodel Doreen Kabareebe is truly showing how sharing is important into her life.

She has decided to show off her big heart by giving back to the Community.

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Under her arm, Kabareebe Models4 Charity, the former supermodel is reaching out to different groups of disadvantaged people by sharing with them the little she has.

“It’s good to give a helping hand to whoever needs help. That is why we decided to help needy mothers in the community with food donations, sanitary pads, soap, sensitization about good hygiene practices among other things,” Doreen said.

“This has been done in different parts of the country; we started with Kisenyi, then continued to Kanyanya, after which we went to Kamwokya in Chumaka zone. We visited Chamuka region with a team from Starbex LT and my elder Sister Quincy Bareebe, the Maryland Representative for Anne Arundel County in the USA,” She added.

Kabareebe Models 4 Charity is a Non-governmental organisation (NGO), which aims at helping people in poor Ugandan communities, equip women with skills to fight poverty, help orphans and children coming from poor families attend school, among other activities.

The organisation does this by pooling funds and injecting them in a particular need for a specific group of people targeted at a given time, especially those in ghettos.

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