‘Don’t be victims of fake Facebook account in my name’ – SK Mbuga

City tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga popularly known as SK Mbuga has continued to enlighten his friends, fans and followers that a certain con man is using a fake in his name to con individuals of their money. The account in question is Sulaiman Mbuga (Sk Mbuga Official Account). The tycoon has told this website that the account is fake and has warned the general public against dealing with the owner.

Fake account in SK Mbuga's name
Fake account in SK Mbuga’s name

“To all friends and followers don’t be a victim, be aware of this Facebook account ‘Sulaiman Mbuga (Sk Mbuga Official Account)’. I have been receiving a lot of complaints regarding this fake account. Report it to the authority, unfollow and block it,” SK Mbuga said.

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