‘Don Zella leave my brother alone’- Sheeba Nalongo

‘Don Zella leave my brother alone’- Sheeba Nalongo

A woman identified as Sheeba Nalongo has accused socialite Don Zella to leave her brother alone. Sheeba in her Facebook post said Don Zella is sexually harassing 20 year old brother who she says is fit to be his mother.

Sheeba her young is in a US university and he has now been messed up by Don Zella

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Don Zella

“Please Don Zella leave my brother alone. You are sexually harassing my kid brother. The guy is only 20 years though he is tall and built up. But at 40 years, you want to sleep with a 20 year old, old enough to be your son. She tells however cares to listen that he is her boyfriend. This woman because she is short she thinks she is young. She wants to date him forcefully. He is so depressed because she keeps harassing him even when he has told her that he can’t date her and looks at her as her elder sister. She is now threatening him and insulting him all the time. This boy is in university in USA but he is a mess now. Please Don Zella leave my brother alone, find men of your age but not dating your sons. Omuzungu ya kugoba, you are now harassing young boys. Ate oyo tadamu okubaliba nti alina sente, mwanvu nyo, she turned her apartment into emizigo so that she can survive. Alina abasula mu diiro, mufumbiro, olowoza kilalo kya Nte. Yeyiya bweyiya. She pretends to be a good frd to Nalongo eyali muka AK47, naye ali mukwebaka ne boyfrd we Brian Omugagamel. Banno ba Maria batunyumiza buli kimu kubanga ayasama nyo yefula owakabi. Stop trying to hurt big eye. Move on, he moved on,” Sheeba Nalongo posted.

Don Zella is accused of sexually harassing the student in the picture above

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