DJ Andy Skillz Turns Down Club Cyclone Bosses

City spin master DJ Andy Skillz has turned an offer to play for Tirupati Mall based Club Cyclone. The skilled Deejay turned down the lucrative off on Monday. The nightspot’s bosses felt losses as the experienced DJ didn’t appear as they thought he would.Spin master Andy Skillz

Spin master Andy Skillz

He was to spin for the Club’s theme night ‘Bollywood’. Sources at the hangout say, at 10 the club was full of Indians waiting for Andy but he didn’t show up. The manager tried all in vain to make phone calls but Andy never answered.

DJ Andy Skillz in the mix

DJ Andy Skillz in the mix

The DJ who was there tried playing some Indian music but guys got bored and went away. The reason as why the DJ did not show is that the management failed to deposit some money as was agreed before.

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