Digital TV giants StarTimes excited to get connected with the first customer of StarTimes GO

Digital TV giants StarTimes excited to get connected with the first customer of StarTimes GO

Digital Television giants StartTimes recently launched integrated e-shopping platform StarTimes GO and it’s surely doing well.

The company is excited to have connected with the first customer, Sula, last weekend.

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After watching the TV programme StarTimes GO, Sula decided to buy a solar kit alongside with a 24” Digital LED TV.

Sula happy to receive her solar kit which includes a TV set

After calling StarTimes to order for the products, she was pleased with the door to door delivery and installation.

When she received her order, Sula said, “I like the fact that StarTimes can easily be accessed in terms of customer care services unlike some service providers. I was interested in buying the solar kit which helps during power blackout situations. It will also help us enjoy our family TV-watching time without worrying about unstable power supply. I was relieved to know that we can pay for the solar kit in instalments. This reduces on the financial burden. With StarTimes GO giving a special offer on plenty of products, we got a FREE two-year TV programme
bouquet for our solar kit!”.

The captain of the car fleet for delivery, Charles, escorted the products to the customer’s home which is about 40km away from the city centre of Kampala. He said, “It is not quite convenient for a family living far away from the city centre to carry these products home. We hope that the customers can enjoy their shopping with StarTimes GO from the beginning to the end.”

Together with Charles, the whole team of delivery and installation are quite honoured to complete the mission for serving the first customer of StarTimes GO, among others who followed, especially when they see the smile of satisfaction on their faces.

“We have been thinking of the considerate services which make the digital life available to more people hence the e-shopping platform ‘StarTimes GO’. We appreciate the support and trust given by the customers; and thanks to our staff in call centre, delivery car fleet and installation team, the ‘StarTimes GO’ is operating as we expected and will keep providing products of quality to the public,” Mr. Franklin Wang, the StarTimes CEO in Uganda said.

Another happy customer receives her order

StarTimes GO has made it easier to shop digitally for the product you need. Book via StarTimes GO and enjoy great discounts be it on a decoder, TV or solar system.
Order with StarTimes interactive e-shopping platform StarTimes GO at or call 0701152863/ 0781962712 and your package will be delivered to you.

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