Digicon Academy Partners with Paradigm Initiative to create opportunities for underserved African Youths

Digicon Academy Partners with Paradigm Initiative to create opportunities for underserved African Youths

Digicon Academy, Blu Flamingo Digital Africa’s education arm, has partnered with Paradigm Initiative to extend opportunities to Ugandan communities.

The partnership will be launched tomorrow in Nigeria, at the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum.

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Speaking on behalf of Digicon Academy Uganda about the partnership in Nigeria, Blu Flamingo Digital Africa’s Group Account Director Adelola Chu-osakwe said that there is a need to extend learning opportunities to the youths of Africa as a means of creating employment opportunities.

Adelola stated that there are plenty of opportunities that can be derived from training the underserved in the communities how to use digital tools and skills.

“Technology is not as complex as projected by the ICT professionals. In reality, technology is easy to comprehend, if translated to the varied languages in Uganda, Nigeria and Africa at large. That is the barrier we aim to break, so that we can create a channel of tech-knowledge dissemination to shift mindsets, create opportunities and consequently change the livelihoods of the underserved youths in the society,” explained Adelola.

She added that the program, though launched in Nigeria, will primarily be implemented in Uganda through Digicon Academy, Blu Flamingo Digital’s education arm.

“Participants (trainees) will be trained and exposed to the digital tools (skills) where they will be able to understand and use technology. These skills will allow them to find, use and create info online in a productive and useful way. Having an understanding about digital literacy (tools, skills) means participants will be able to use technology safely and helps them avoid its dangers. We will be using a blended learning approach with both in-person physical training and online training engagement at the different learning centers. The program, curated by Industry experts from Paradigm Initiative and Digicon Academy tutors, will be based on LIFE Skills, ICT, Financial readiness and Entrepreneurship. Students are expected to improve in these areas during the program,” explained Adelola.

Paradigm Initiative works to connect underserved young Africans with digital opportunities, and ensures protection of their rights.

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