Dianah Nabatanzi mentors upcoming young Talents

Dianah Nabatanzi mentors upcoming young Talents

Actress and BBS Terefayina presenter Dianah Nabatanzi continues to mentor and inspire young talents.

The ‘Kirikitya’ entertainment show presenter yesterday met and mentored upcoming talents and guide on how they can thrive in their careers. She shared her knowledge in arts-music, dance and drama with the fresh talents.

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“You always tell me that I inspire you but You do inspire me aswell. It was amazing sharing my knowledge in Art – Music, Dance & Drama with these amazing young, talented, determined fresh Talents. I love mentoring because its caring, thank you for inviting me.. Your hustle will pay one day. Music/ Dance & Drama. Dressed by: @tabzi collection
KIRIKITYA show mon-fri 2pm/bbsTv,” Dianah Nabatanzi posted.

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