Development Channel for Economic War boss challenges staff on work & God as he launches African Child Poverty Alleviator


The Development Channel Chairman, Charles Lambert has challenged his staff to be ready for a fight till end. Lambert was speaking at a staff fellowship held on Friday at the company’s offices in Bukoto. He said no one will stop him from doing his activities to end poverty and liberate Africa’s economy.

During the address, Lambert also revealed positive news from the government. He said they have been given land to set up a factory in the country.

He called on the staff to always believe in God to be able to perform at their best.

On the same occasion, Mr. Lambert launched African Child Poverty Alleviator aimed at ending child poverty in Africa. The program will see ever child get $30 per child support per month until 21 years old. $50 Christmas welfare per child every Christmas until 21 years. On top of that, each child will get education and healthcare support. The program targets one million children and plus.

Development Channel projects profits of $15 billion per annum by 2020 from the declaration of the first African economic war using its 25 companies and as a people focused social enterprise, these profits are designed to solve very important issues in Africa and one of which is the issue of Child Poverty.

The African Child Poverty Alleviator (ACPA) is an institutional initiative designed to prevent any opportunity for child poverty among African children. Enrolled children are paid $30 per month, each month until 21 years of age with strict monitoring on attendance of educational classes to receive the monthly support.

There is also a yearly end of year $50 a month also given per child as well as emergency health care support and educational emergency support all coming through a sustainable manner from the spoils of the economic war being undertaken for Africa by Development Channel.

Kids also stand to benefit by getting tablets.


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