Desire Luzinda Finally Comes Out For The First Time Since Nude Photos Scandal, Releases New Track

Curvy singer Desire Luzinda has finally come out and posted something on her Facebook page for the first time since her nude photos leaked to the media on Friday last week.Desire Luzinda Finally Comes Out For the First Time since Photo Scandal, Releases New TrackDesire Luzinda Finally Comes Out For the First Time since Photo Scandal, Releases New Track

The singer last night posted her latest picture on her Facebook page but she didn’t write anything on it.

Immediately her fans in hundreds posted comments of sympathy and assured her that she will get through from what is happening to her. Meanwhile the singer has released a new track titled Ekitone.

The song was released on Tuesday and it has already received massive views on YouTube. Her Facebook page has also sprung up from 40,000 likes to almost 70,000 likes in less than a week. Her exjiled Nigerian lover Franklin leaked the nude photos.

Version 2 of Desire’s Latest Tune “EKITONE” is Out. There is a change in the Last Verse. Click below for more details.http://youtu.be/70ON9Qb5V4U

Below are some of the comments on the photo she posted

Apio Rita; pple .for.give her every one has a.bad side if walls cud talk uhmmm u wudnt even over blame her as ur dng.

Faith Anygo; #Akon#indeed fire to ugandan gals let them learn a lesson

Tasha Nanyonjo; Easy desire yo de best.

Ayikoru Nick Nadia; we wll always love u no matter wat!#Desire

Kiconco Patience; Let it go dear and be strong . Remember dat pipo can talk and u cant stop them so stand firm and shine again dear..

Princess Namasopo Dorine; plz jst focus on ur future,u wil ov cme the situation
Kigozi Patrick Waba Haa Haa

Farouk Mukwaya; Fazz shine bright like diamonds

Kanyike Daivid Prettie; We Love U, KIJJA KUGWA. Lukodo Is A Cheap Popularity Seeker, If Ur Arrested We Ar To Protest. Dat Nigerian Nicompomp Tujja Musalamu Nsiigo Akakane.

Christie Tina; such acts hapen to beaulful ladies so dont blame her.
Ayikoru Nick Nadia Desire ur my best,,,,plz take heart en leave everything to God

Moses Rabach; Ooh you look loverly yawa

Prince Idris; life evthg hapnz

Mugalu Edward; u showed us hu u are

Sifuna James; 2 Make amistak in life is not acrime but 2 rept the same mistak is acrime in life there4 desire u not a criminal 4 that mistak u made in your life

Nakalembe Shamim; Go gal i knw u wud gt bac to ur feet…

King Roney; bambi…

Ssemambo Sarah; No matter what happens I will always be your fun

Miracle Gracious ;U r areal lady

Mugambwa Patrick; oliwa kabi,

Eddie Singira; Desire tibakutisa. Abo bafere berabire. They just want to disorganize you. Focus on your future. Yo de best

Alexandra Eddie; ur shuting i lyk it.

Ssaka Mark ;Bambi

Watson Kasiimu ;Pliz sister get that man , in uganda here p’ple talking too much, if that man lost try 2 get lawyer, z fool man.
Nakkazi Gladys I love u

Chris Camble; Mwana wama ffe kibwetere yatumaraho eweffe nebyaffe neye kyali kinene nyo wat abt this small thing we will forget even we have already forgotten don’t stress your life coz of this small thing.life is like that you can’t live a straight life so these are the corners your supposed to meet in your life gal.

Headgar Sharp; oyiina amazi…….ehhhh

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