Deedan On Her Role In ‘Beneath The Lies’ Series

Deedan On Her Role In ‘Beneath The Lies’ Series

With a few days to the premiere of the eagerly waited drama series ‘Beneath The Lies’, we tracked down one of the actresses, Deedan for a one on one. Read on…….

SU: Tell about yourself
Deedan: My name is Deedan Muyira…born in Kenya, works for Radiocity in Kampala on a show called the Jam. I am an mc and recently actress.
I love dancing, talking.

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SU: Educate us about your role in Beneath The Lies?
Deedan: I play Tracy, young lady from a rich family. Tracy is rebellious, and now has to face the consequences of her choices. As you watch the drama unfold you will see she represents a lot of women, and what they endure silently.

SU: How do you find acting?
Deedan: Acting is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I find it amazing, and now know it’s not easy! When we watch movies it looks so simple, but it is not! I have a new found respect for actors as a whole plus I have made new friends.

SU: What has been your experience being your first time action?
Deedan: It was exciting especially before the camera started rolling! When director Tosh said action I froze, forgot my words, and just stood there looking confused!!Then my heart started racing, that they had to give me a few minutes to calm down, because my mic was picking up my racing heart beat!! But after that it got slightly easy…but I am getting better I believe

SU: What challenges have you faced so far?
Deedan: Apart from getting nervous when it’s time to roll camera I have not had major challenges.Deedan doing her thing with Raba Daba in Beneath The LiesDeedan doing her thing with Raba Daba in Beneath The Lies

SU: What do you have to say about Ugandan movie industry?
Deedan: I believe it’s growing very fast! It’s an industry that needs to be supported, and also taken seriously by people as a way to earn a living as well.

SU: How does it feel for you working with such talented and great people?
Deedan: It’s incredible!! I have learned a lot from each one of them…not only about acting but also when it comes to my radio job, emceeing and how to also get me Deedan known and grown as a brand.

SU: What do you think of ‘Beneath The Lies?
Deedan: My first thought was ‘how did Nana Kagga come up with all these characters’. I got to understand the script. I see Beneath The Lies as the series that will capture Africa’s attention. I see it as the one series that will put Uganda on the map, and maybe, also promote Uganda as a movie making destination.

SU: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Deedan: In five years, I want to be a multi-actress, able to act in different parts of the world. I want my brand to be recognised and trusted and believed as one who gets the job done well…

SU: Give us your last message to the fans out there waiting for the drama series?
Deedan: First I say thank you to the fans who give us the encouragement to go on, just through their love and excitement via social media…
Because of that we are so grateful and will endeavor not to disappoint them. So to you the fans, I say thank you, and mark the date 17th December…and watch Urban tv to follow the drama.
Thank you for your time and support, especially for Beneath The Lies.


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