Daphine Shows Off Yellow Thighs

Daphine Shows Off Yellow Thighs

Thank God the fasting is done otherwise it would have been an injustice to our Muslim brothers to be treated to yellow thighs while still in the Holy Month of Ramadan.


As usual our Mbarara socialite Daphine Tusiime has a treat of her juicy thighs for us to feed on this weekend.

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The sizzling western Uganda beauty was quick to tease her male followers on her social media with fascinating thigh show pictures and she accompanied them with some words thus, “When I get time for myself I sit down take a breath and laugh away all my worries”


Dapghine has become the hot bed of hotties and sextastic socialite models in Mbarara to unofficially strut her sweet bodied stuff. You don’t show up in sweats. This is all about the thong and a body that makes men genuflect in your presence and battle each other to be the one to bring you the next mimosa.


Just as fair warning, I can beg with the best of them. Daphine, those yellow thighs are killing me. The happy kind of killing. Let’s discuss over chocolate fondue at my place. Mimosas are for children. Enjoy.


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