Cussons Baby Announces the Top 3 Winners of the ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ Competition

Cussons Baby Announces the Top 3 Winners of the ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ Competition

Kampala: Cussons Baby, the leading baby care brand in the region, today announces the winners of its ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ Competition.

The competition was a call to parents loyal to the Cussons Baby brand to take a creative picture of their babies when using Cussons Baby products, for a chance to win cash prizes of up to UGX 10, 000, 000.

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The competition ran for a total of ten (10) weeks, from 11th October 2021 till today. In those weeks, the campaign received an overwhelming response from the Ugandan populace, registering over 850 entries.

The brand has shared in the same joy, awarding random weekly winners during the entry period, as well as the Top 50 babies as voted for by the public, the Top 20 babies as selected by an independent judging panel & the Top 10 as voted by the public (again).

Today, the ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ organizers are pleased to announce the Top 3 winners of the competition, as had been selected by the panel of judges.

Coming in 3rd place is Kasoma J. W. Levine, in 2nd place is Azlan Mutebi, while the winner of the ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ Competition is Eihoreere Meghan Heavenly!

Congratulations to them for a job well done!By employing an alternate pattern of voting and judging, the selection process of the Cussons Baby winners was free & fair.

The panel of judges, drawn from various stakeholders, were able to pick out the best babies.

They included the Cussons Baby Brand Ambassador Manuela P. Mulondo, stakeholders from African Queen No. 1 Distributor, Allen Arinaite the Programs Director at Women in Technology and Fred Bugembe, a renowned city photographer

The winner of the competition walks away with a grand cash prize of UGX 10, 000, 000, while second and third place walk away with UGX 5,000,000 and UGX 3,000,000 respectively.

The Top 10, Top 20, and Top 50 will also walk away with prizes of UGX 180,000, UGX 110,000 & UGX 100,000 respectively. All this is in addition to the weekly prizes of UGX 110, 000 to 10 random weekly winners during the entry period of the competition.

Indeed, Cussons Baby Moments has been a source of joy for all its loyal consumers.By building on the past success of this competition in other African markets of Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya, the Cussons Baby brand has successfully been able to launch the same in Uganda, with even greater results.

This further speaks to the emergence of Uganda as a key market for the Cussons Baby brand, and the brand’s commitment to developing this market to its fullest potential. Cussons Baby remains committed to enhancing the bond between mother and baby, by providing the best baby skin care products.

The brand intends to continue giving back to all its consumers and urges its consumers to be on the lookout for similar initiatives, including subsequent seasons of the ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ Competition. Finally, Cussons Baby sincerely wishes to thank each & every entrant in the ‘Cussons Baby Moments Snap & Win’ Competition for participating and to congratulate all the finalists..

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