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Crime Preventers reintroduced again to help in 2021 elections security

The National Crime Preventers’ Forum (NCPF) is back in action to mobilise for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ahead of January 14, 2021 general elections.

The paramilitary outfit that was mobilized by former IGP Kale Kayihura since 2013 to bolster efforts against the rising crime levels in the country is now back in full gear.

They were introduced with the concept of community policing to increase neighborhood watch and vigilance.

They were seemingly left orphaned after changing of Police Regime and various critics predicted their end and arrest.

On Saturday, the leadership of the crime preventers led by Blaise Kamugisha together with Salim Saleh and Kale Kayihura was seen in Gulu posing for a photo.

Gen. Saleh is the chief coordinator of the 2021 President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni re-election campaign.

It is from this that the Crime preventers had their luck again and sources the president offered them another chance to embark in campaigns under the political leadership of Captain Mike Mukula and the military leadership of the commander of reserve forces, Maj. Gen. Otema with Saleh the patron of the outfit.

Through its structures and the Mayumba Kumi Model, the outfit will be helpful in household campaign initiative by NRM and can play a supportive role.

Their role will extend to the voting day to ensure voters turn out to vote in large numbers for NRM without fear of intimidation and also supporting those who may fail to reach the polling station to reach.

Intimidation against members of the NRM by the opposition is also becoming rampant and this is scaring away the would-be NRM voters from turning up and voting for fear of being attacked.

And at the same time, the move by the opposition to stay at polling stations to after voting under the guise of vote protection, may be a threat to peaceful election. To avert any possible sabotage against the voters and the vote, crime preventers can be useful in supporting the security at polling stations by deploying 10 or any number as guided at each polling station.

“Crime Preventers as being the first responders and the first line of defense are key in providing foundational security in the country. During the election and post-election period, the structure can be useful in providing information to the intelligence system for appropriate action. They can play a pivotal in keeping the exercise peaceful,” Otema said.

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