Covid 19 Relief; A Ugandan first fully automated Disinfectant Machine

Covid 19 Relief; A Ugandan first fully automated Disinfectant Machine

Kampala: Barely a few months  after President Museveni started to open up some section of our economy, Adams Resources Uganda limited has shocked the nation after they assembled the first fully automated disinfectant machine called DLK to help Ugandans get back to normal with the deadly Covid 19 pandemic.

 At its launch last week Friday, Adams Resources,the company behind the innovation is also  committed  to promote Ugandan made products both locally and abroad.

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As Ugandans especially those in the entertainment industry, church and schools, Banks, Hotels, Markets, Hospitals, Airports, Private companies, Malls and Homes DLK machine is the only sure way to go.

What is DLK Intelligent Temperature Measurement and Disinfection machine.

This is a multi function disinfectant machine.Thanks to the artificial intelligent algorithm, the DS-2TD2617B-6-PE  Thermal Camera Solution seperates human from all heat sources and detects high fever according to the heat levels you set at the entrance ,It is so sensitive. It has an alarm to alert u if u have no face mask on.

How the Machine works

is simple, just to avoid the hussle of using temperature guns, one has to first sanitize before entering the machine, with a well placed on mask,  the machine  will automatically screen you before entrance into an establishment, checks  your body temperature via face infrared detector, discharges hand sanitizer without any contact and lastly it fog disinfectant for body, shoe,bags etc

While speaking to the press at the launch,the CEO said; “This is a proud day for Uganda and good day for Africa.We are taking great strides in tackling the deadly Covid Pandemic,”

Adams resources has partnered with local manufacturers for the supply of the bio degredable disinfectant used in the DLK machine.

“this  milestone is evidence of the government of Uganda’s call to Ugandans to promote local industry with the BUBU in a bid to improve health and combat all other epidemics that time and again hit the globe. Also noted that this innovation will create employment opportunities for Ugandans in the engineering and distribution sector.

This journey started some time back. But when Covid hit the globe, Adams Resources immediately came up with a more comprehensive way of handling the situation. Our technology is developed in Germany and assembled by Ugandan engineers,Jobse electrical engineers located at Mawanda Road.

Speaking at the launch Rebecca Alyawo the head communication manager at Adams Resources, applauded  the company especially the creative mind of different entrepreneurs to save lives in Uganda by heeding to President Museveni’s  call,in regards to the S.O.P’s put in place to combat the further spread of the corona virus.

She also called upon Governemnet stake holders to come on board and support such initiatives.


Marketing manager Hasfa Mago also noted that in order for DLK   Machines to fully penetrate the masses, the machines have to be widely available

“Currently we are assembling more machines daily. We are in negotiations with many other buyers and hopefully will soon be exporting to a wide array of countries in Africa”

These machines will be a lot cheaper, citing an example of hiring DLK Machine for an event can cost you only 1.5m ugx.

Adams Resources Uganda office is located at Mawanda Road, 2 minutes after City Oil Kamwokya.

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