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Court summons Police officers to clarify on Wasswa’s involvement of aggravated robbery

The head of Life Christian Life Church Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga’s security, Israel Wasswa kicks off his defense over aggravated robbery in the High court of Kampala.

Inside the dock now, Wasswa battling a double-edged case of assault and robbery on a poor Sam Mukula.

Ali Ojulongo alias Peter, Godfrey Mwanda alias Kefa, and Ivan Wanyama, a chapatti baker are the other suspects.

After moving testimonies against the above-mentioned church workers from the victim, Sam Mukula, and witnesses, his Lordship Justice Isaac Muwata, asked the suspects to defend themselves and the first hearing of their defense was on today (Monday 28th March 2022).

Now according to information we have got, it indicates that Ssenyonga’s guard refused to testify on oath. It is unrealistic for a person to refuse to testify on oath in Court.

Well, this was the case with the head of Life Christian Life Church Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga’s security, Israel Wasswa kicking off his defiance over aggravated robbery in the High court of Kampala today.

According to the information we got from the police officer that there has been chaos and one person who caused the turmoil is inside the cells.

Now the court adjourned the hearing till  4th April, Monday next week.


 On a fateful day, Mukula said he went outside the church to get what to eat since he was hungry. Together with his brother Joseph Odele, he said he managed to get a cup of porridge.

“While taking porridge,  Mwanda, an usher, told us to go back inside the church. Feeling inconvenienced, I walked away but he continued trailing me until at Umeme building where I was surrounded and beaten to near death,” he testified.

Mukula said after he was beaten, Waswa allegedly dragged him to a Police Post at Kavule, where the beating intensified before he was locked up in the cell.

It is while he was in the cell that he realized that his phone, national identity card, and wristwatch were missing.

A medical clinical officer from Golan Clinic, Michael Oligo, told the court that he examined the victim (Mukula) at Mulago hospital following a request from Police on June 26, 2018.

He revealed that the victim had a fracture in the right forearm and an internal injury in the abdomen. He said the injury was a result of a blunt object.

“The abdominal ultrasound showed the victim had blood in the abdomen. This means an organ in the stomach was injured due to excessive bleeding,” he explained.

Oligo said he classified Mukula’s injury as grievous harm because such injuries can restrict the victim from performing other activities.

The prosecution tendered in court a copy of the Police medical form under Section 62 (b) 64 (1) (C) of the Evidence Act that allows secondary evidence where the original document is lost.

The third prosecution witness, Alex Tumusiime, also confirmed to the court that the accused assaulted the victim.





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