Court Orders Cindy To Hand Over Daughter To Ex-Boyfriend

Nakawa Grade two magistrate, Rose Jolly Onyang Thursday ordered self styled dancehall queen, Cindy to hand over their child to former boyfriend Mario Brunetti.Mario and their daughter Amani

Mario and their daughter Amani

The ruling came after Brunetti managed to convince court to win custody of the child.

Brunneti told court that Cindy has been booked for concerts outside Uganda; in neighbouring countries Rwanda and DRC.

He therefore asked for the child to be left with him until when she returns saying that while on her musical tour she will not have time for the child.


However, this was rebuffed by Cindy saying she was to leave the child with her mother. The ‘Amateeka’ singer added that she was not willing to leave the child with Brunetti since the kid is already used to being with its granny.

The magistrate granted Brunetti custody of the child but limited it to only the time when Cindy will be performing in DRC.

She further added that upon Cindy’s return from Congo, the child will then be taken to Cindy’s mother for the time she will be in Rwanda.

Cindy and the Cayenne Bar manager Mario broke up February this year putting an end to their over a decade relationship. The two were blessed by a daughter in 2011 and this turns out to be their only child together.

Whereas nothing is known about Brunetti’s love life currently, Cindy is dating ex-Fiina Mugerwa’s boyfriend, a one Kenneth Muyisa who works in South Africa.


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