Cotilda’s Queens Of Comedy Booed Offstage

Cotilda’s Queens Of Comedy Booed Offstage

When female comedian, Cotilda, quit Laftaz Comedy Lounge in May this year, she claimed Prince Ehmah (now Napoleon) had told her face to face that, “Ugandans have not yet embraced female standup comedy unless it comes from Anne Kansiime.Cotilda Inapito

Cotilda Inapito

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This is a mean statement, if it was truly said, but Cotilda must have seen the truth in it last Tuesday as she and her girls were booed by the audience at their monthly ‘Queens of Comedy’ show at Century Cinema at the new Acacia Mall.

Trouble started when one upcoming female comedian called Dorah Nakaga, took to the stage and spent over 10 minutes with stale jokes about broke guys, how her mum chose a broke man and all that. The crowd clapped till she left the stage.

When the next comedian, Lyshai Juliet, came on stage, she also had another stale performance about her Batooro roots and she was clapped off immediately. When Cotilda came on (visibly shaken) she also had a shaky presentation and the audience heckled.

When she tried to get back at the hecklers, half the audience walked out (it was an already small audience of about 70 people).

Those that remained kept walking one by one till the show ended with about 15 people in the audience.

The Laftaz comedians, Dolibondo and Bright Onak who were among the first to walk out were seen laughing outside the hall. Maybe Cotilda and her female comedians need to first stop and recruit real funny girls before resuming.

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